Research Project Topics

2012 Student Posters

2012-2013 Student Projects

The following examples are projects that were taken by students based at in the UCL Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, Natural History Museum and Institute of Zoology:

  • Anonymous nuclear loci and the systematics of Seychelles caecilian amphibians.
  • The effect of latitude on meiofaunal assemblages from whale bone and wood falls.
  • Sperm receipt, sperm storage & infertility in a stalk-eyed fly.
  • Conservation genetics of an endangered amphibian.
  • Hypothesis-guided discovery of genetic diversity in yeast genomes.
  • Urban development and habitat use for wildlife in Russia: tigers and large ungulates as a case study.
  • The evolution of reptile thermal tolerance.
  • Global population dynamics of declining common species.
  • Ultrasonic monitoring of microbats in the Solomon Islands to assess environmental change.
  • Unlocking human history using modern-day DNA collections.
  • Developmental Constraints? Why blind cavefish still have eye at embryonic stage.
  • Evolution, development and genomics of parasitic flatworms.
  • Biodiversity of tropical phytomyxids - a whole new world of parasites yet to be discovered.
  • Phylogeography of polar Cyanobacteria.
  • Iridescence in seaweeds.
  • Evaluating the role mobile technology can play in undertaking large scale surveys of people‚Äôs dependence on ecosystem services for their livelihoods.
  • Metagenomic analysis of tropical insect communities.

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