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Welcome to our Young Bioscientist pages of the Division of Biosciences. Here, we show you four areas of cutting-edge Biosciences that you might not have seen before. We think that these areas could hold the key to major new discoveries. At UCL, we have identified some key “Grand Challenges” that we hope our research will contribute to generating solutions to global problems. The research in the Division of Biosciences aim to help solve two of these grand challenges, namely global health and human wellbeing. Enjoy!


Tardigrades have existed for 600 million years - so could they offer the secret to survival?

molecular machine

Molecular Machines

Complex machines that live in our bodies and scientists are trying to understand them

jelly fish image

Light-Activated Proteins

In the future could light-activated proteins restore vision?

plastic bottles

Plastic Pollution

The research and science behind creating a healthy planet