UCL Division of Biosciences


Pascale Gerbault

Position:Research Associate in Human Evolutionary Genetics

Pascale graduated in Biology before pursuing her interests in population genetics and human genetic evolution. Her PhD research project considered integrating archaeological, climatic and genetic data to answer genetic evolutionary histories using simulation models.

She is now part of the Leverhulme funded Hunter-Gatherer Resilience project (http://www.adapting.org.uk/index.html), looking at demographic and adaptation histories of hunter-gatherer populations from the Philippines and the Congo.

Office:+44 (0)20 3108 4229

Hunter-Gatherer genetic adaptations (Department of Anthropology, UCL, London, UK)

Inferring Neolithic population migrations (Maite Rivollat and Marie France Deguilloux, University of Bordeaux, France)

Statistical tools for investigating archaeozoological age at death profiles (Roz Gillis and Jean-Denis Vigne, National History Museum, Paris, France)

Modeling selected allele trajectories for serial samples

Modeling the evolution of ectodysplasin receptor A EDAR370A allele in South Asian populations (Sijia Wang and Pardis Sabeti, Broad Institute of Harvard, USA)

Modeling the spread of dairying and lactase persistence in Europe (Lactase persistence and Early Cultural History of Europe (LeCHE), FP7 Marie-Curie network.

Inferring goat domestication process in Europe using mtDNA diversity (Amelie Scheu and Joachim Burger at the Palaeogenetics Group, Mainz, Germany)