UCL Division of Biosciences



Academic Staff

Prof Tim Blackburn

Professor of Invasion Biology

Prof Jon Bridle

Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Prof Helen Chatterjee

Professor of Biology

Prof Julia Day


Prof Kate Jones

Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity

Prof Judith Mank

Professorial Research Fellow

Dr David Murrell

Associate Professor 

Dr Tim Newbold

Royal Society University Principle Research Fellow

Prof Richard Pearson

Professor of Ecology

Dr Alex Pigot

Royal Society Research Fellow

Prof Seirian Sumner

Professor of Behavioural Ecology


Honorary and Visiting Members of Staff

Dr Daniel Bayley

Honorary Research Associate

Dr Adam Devenish

Honorary Research Assistant

Dr Ellie Dyer

Visiting Researcher


Prof Richard Gregory

Honorary Professor

Dr Roi Maor

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr David Redding

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Prof Rob Slotow

Honorary Professor

Dol Raj Thanet

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Tristram Wyatt

Visiting Lecturer

Dr Chris Wyatt

Honorary Research Fellow