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Welcome to the dedicated hub for GEE Early Career Researchers.

GEE is home to over 50 research groups and a thriving community of some 200 Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD Students, and support staff. This section of our site is aimed at showcasing our GEE postdoctoral community, by presenting our representatives and including a list of our postdoctoral researchers. We also signpost resources, training opportunities, networks and more.

Who we are


Postdoctoral representatives

Current postdoc representatives are Drs. Emeline Favreau, Balint Stewart and Pedram Samani. We represent GEE postdocs at Department and Faculty meetings and liaise with staff support, Dr. Teresa Niccoli. For our contact information please see below.

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Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers at GEE

The Institutional Research Information System (IRIS) is the research portal for UCL. Explore the papers and backgrounds of the GEE Postdoctoral community. 

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Support for Postdoctoral Researchers

The Division of Biosciences provides a range of support for its postdoctoral researchers to help achieve their aspirations in both career and work-life balance.

Meet our Postdoctoral Representatives

I have been a post-doctoral researcher in Seirian Sumner’s lab (CBER) since November 2019. My research focuses on the evolution of social organization.

I investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying what makes a wasp social or not, using a combination of fieldwork, lab work, and bioinformatics. I received my Ph.D. in ant genomics from Queen Mary University of London, after four years of NERC DTP funding.

I am an experimental evolutionary ecologist and yeast geneticist and currently a research associate in GEE at UCL. My research uses microbial systems to address fundamental questions in evolution and ecology.  

A major part of my current work at UCL (at Profs. M. Reuter & J. Bahler labs) focuses on investigating the likelihood of success or failure of evolutionary rescue, i.e. adaptation to avoid population extinction, in complex, changing and stressful environments.

I am a postdoctoral cell and evolutionary genetics researcher in Chris Thomspon’s Lab in CLOE. I use the model Eukaryotic microbe Dictyostelium discoideum to answer fundamental questions about the evolution of multicellularity and cell fate choice as well as microbial interspecies interactions and symbioses.

I help run the fortnightly departmental seminar series, providing a platform for early career researchers to present and discuss their work with other members of the department.


Wellbeing resources

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