UCL Division of Biosciences



Institute Director

Professor Jürg Bähler

Research Director

Professor David Gems

Executive Officer

Mr Michael Wright


Core Research Teams

Group LeaderField of ExpertiseUCL Research DepartmentEmailResearch ProfileTelephone
Dr Nazif Alic
Associate Professor
Transcription and lifespan in DrosophilaGenetics, Evolution and Environmentn.alic@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
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(+44) 020 7679 2219 (Ex: 32219)
Professor Jürg Bähler
Professor of Systems Biology
Global gene expression programs in fission yeastGenetics, Evolution and Environmentj.bahler@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Personal Lab page
(+44) 020 3108 1602 (Ex: 51602)
Dr Lazaros Foukas
Signalling mechanisms in mammalian ageingGenetics, Evolution and Environmentl.foukas@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Personal Lab page

(+44) 20 3108 1612 (Ext. 51612)

Professor David Gems
Professor in the Biology of Ageing
Biology of ageing in C. elegansGenetics, Evolution and Environmentdavid.gems@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
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(+44) 20 7679 4381 (Ext. 34381)

Dr Kerri Kinghorn

Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow/Honorary Consultant Neurologist

Mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseasesGenetics, Evolution and Environmentk.kinghorn@ucl.ac.uk

Research profile Personal Lab page

(+44) 020 7679 2038 (Ext. 32038)

Dr John Labbadia
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Stress responses and protein homeostasisGenetics, Evolution and Environmentj.labbadia@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Personal Lab page

(+44) 020 7679 4393 (Ext. 34393)

Dr Teresa Niccoli Senior Research FellowDementia/FTD/AD glucose metabolismGenetics, Evolution and Environmentt.niccoli@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Personal Lab page

(+44) 020 7679 2038 (Ext. 32038)

Professor Linda Partridge
Weldon Professor of Biometry
Biology of ageing in Drosophila melanogasterGenetics, Evolution and Environmentl.partridge@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Personal Lab page

(+44) 020 7679 4380 (Ext. 34380)

Ms Giovanna Vinti Laboratory ManagerResponsible for laboratory management and health and safetyGenetics, Evolution and Environmentg.vinti@ucl.ac.uk (+44) 020 7679 4378 (Ext. 34378)

Associates of the IHA

Staff MemberField of ExpertiseUCL Research DepartmentEmailResearch Profile
Professor Arne Akbar
Professor of Immunology
Ageing and immunity in humansImmunology and Molecular Pathologya.akbar@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Dr Ivana Bjedov
Senior Research Fellow
Molecular biology of cancerCancer Institutei.bjedov@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile

Professor Nishi Chaturvedi Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

Aetiology, mechanisms of disease and modes of prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

MRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing

n.chaturvedi@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Dr Daniel Davies Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow/Honorary Consultant in Geriatric MedicineTrajectories of cognitive decline in large population-representative studiesMRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageingdaniel.davis@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Professor Frances A Edwards
Professor of Neurodegeneration
Neuronal ageing and Alzheimer’s diseaseNeuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacologyf.a.edwards@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Professor Glen Jeffery
Professor of Neuroscience
Retinal structure, development and visual areas of the brain. Comparative evolution of the brain.Institute of Ophthalmologyg.jeffery@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker
Associate Professor
Cancer Genetics and Statistical AnalysisDivision of Psychiatryk.kuchenbaecker@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile

Dr Maria Secrier Lecturer

Cancer and NeurobiologyGenetics, Evolution and Environmentm.secrier@ucl.ac.ukResearch Profile
Professor Dominic Withers
Clinical Chair in Diabetes & Endocrinology
Genetics of murine energy homeostasis and ageingImperial College Londond.withers@imperial.ac.ukResearch profile