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CBER Seminar - Dr Angela Bartlett, King's College London

26 February 2024, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Title: 'Characteristics of the introduction biases and introduction debt in Australia’s past and potential future alien tree flora'

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Amy Godfrey


1.02 Malet Place
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Abstract: Human introduction of species around the world is not exhaustive. Comparing characteristics of non-native species that have been introduced with characteristics of non-native species that could be introduced can reveal biases in which species were introduced in the past, and can highlight future threats. We test for introduction biases in non-native trees introduced to Australia using a dataset of 57,958 tree species known globally. We found that: (1) non-native species were selectively introduced, and do not form a random subset of all non-native species, though (2) they do represent the functional trait-space occupied by tree species globally; (3) relatively high proportions of non-native trees from Europe have been introduced to Australia already; (4) trees that are naturalised in numerous other countries and are introduced via more pathways or for more uses are more likely to be introduced in Australia; and (5) introduction debt can indicate characteristics of potential future non-native introductions. For Australia, tree species from the tropics and global south pose an especially high future invasion risk.

About the Speaker

Dr Angela Bartlett

at King's College London

Angela completed her NERC DTP PhD in 2023, supervised by Jane Catford (KCL) and Tim Blackburn (UCL). Her interests cover a range of disciplines, including invasion ecology and aquatic river catchment management. Angela's PhD research within the fields of ecology and geography, focused on the use and development of large ecological datasets to explore the human-mediated movement of species around the world, and how this filters through to biological invasion processes.

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