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CLOE-IHA Symposium: "The Origins and Evolution of Ageing”

21 September 2023, 2:30 pm–6:00 pm


This event is free.

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Muslima Chowdhury – GEE

We are excited to announce the first CLOE - IHA Joint Symposium, titled "The Origins and Evolution of Ageing” on 21st September 2023. The symposium will begin in the afternoon from 2:30 pm and will be followed by drinks. 

Please find below the Eventbrite link for the CLOE-IHA Symposium on the 21st of September.  Please register your attendance for the talks and or reception to avoid disappointment!


Our Guest speakers are:

Dan Nussey, University of Edinburgh "Bringing genetic and physiological evolutionary theories of ageing together"

Luisa Pallares, MPI for Biology, Tübing "Using large-scale mapping experiments to understand how environmental conditions shape the genetic basis of lifespan"

Alex Maklakov, University of East Anglia "Why do organisms age? Linking evolutionary theory with mechanism in C. elegans."

There will also be an opportunity to meet with the invited speakers and to join us for dinner. If you would like to meet 1:1 (or in a small group) with Dan Nussey or Alex Maklakov, please email Kerri Kinghorn (k.kinghorn@ucl.ac.uk) or David Gems (david.gems@ucl.ac.uk). If you wish to arrange a meeting with Luisa Pallares, then please e-mail Max Reuter (m.reuter@ucl.ac.uk).

We look forward to seeing you all on the 21st of September.