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GEE Seminar - Prof Hélène Morlon, CNRS

09 June 2021, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Title: 'The Multidimensional Clock of Evolution: From Genes to Phenotypes and Species Diversity'

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Amy Godfrey



Academic Host: Bouwe Reijenga
Abstract: Diversity patterns at different levels or organization, such as genetic, phenotypic and species diversity, result from a single evolutionary process. Yet our understanding of the correlated evolution of these various levels of diversity remains limited. I will focus on three specific questions: Should we expect, based on adaptive radiation theory, a coupling between rates of morphological evolution and diversification? Are rates of molecular evolution and diversification coupled? Are genetic diversity and diversification rates coupled? I will present simulation models, phylogenetic tools, and empirical analyses that can help us tackle these questions. These analyses reveal unexpected patterns that remain to be explained. 

About the Speaker

Prof Hélène Morlon

Research Director, Institute of Biology at CNRS, Paris

We combine mathematics, bioinformatics and fieldwork to study questions ranging from macroevolution and macroecology to community assembly, biogeography, and conservation. 

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