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UGI Seminar Series - Dr Alvina Lai,UCL

05 August 2020, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm

Title: 'The forgotten C: Cancer, multimorbidity and digital consult'

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Lucy van Dorp



The Public Health England considers patients with cancer as clinically extremely vulnerable in the coronavirus pandemic. Cancer patients face a myriad of problems – increased risk of developing severe COVID-19 illness due to weakened immune systems caused by chemotherapy and disruptions in accessing cancer services during the pandemic. My research, recently featured on a BBC Panorama ‘Britain’s Cancer Crisis’ programme, uses electronic health records, to understand the impact of multimorbidity in patients with cancer during and after the pandemic. I will introduce a new, public-facing, digital consult framework for guiding decision-making in patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

About the Speaker

Dr Alvina Lai

Lecturer in Health Data Analytics at University College London

I have worked on a wide range of topics, ranging from evolution to health genomics. I am particularly interested in how we can use real-world data to tackle cancer and infectious diseases. I would also like to expand my research to include non-communicable diseases such as metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  

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