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CBER Research Talk - Ben Burgess - 13 May 2019

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, 13 May 2019

Stressing Communities: a theoretical framework to investigate multiple stressors

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Title: "Stressing Communities: a theoretical framework to investigate multiple stressors"
Speaker: Ben Burgess - PhD student
Lankester LT, Medawar Building (map)
Host: Alex Pigot (email)

Abstract: Ecosystems are being subjected to increasing numbers of stressors, that are often anthropogenic in origin. Frequently these stressors act simultaneously, and accordingly interact. These interactions may directly, or indirectly, induce effects upon ecosystems that are either anticipated or unexpected. Our collective understanding of multiple stressors is predominately based upon empirical research, typically small-scale marine or freshwater experiments upon individuals, populations or communities. In such experiments the resulting interaction is frequently classified depending upon whether the observed interaction effect was equal to, greater than, or less than, what was expected.
Here I will present a novel, alternative approach using general ecological theory to understand how multiple stressors can combine to impact the equilibrium densities of individual populations within a community.