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Structural Immunology Group at UCL

Welcome to the Structural Immunology Group at UCL led by Professor Stephen Perkins


Rare missense variants mapped onto structures for complement Factor H (blue) in its complex with complement C3b (gold) and Factor I (green)

Our major research interests lie in solution structural determinations of proteins and their interactions in the immune system, primarily involving the complement proteins and antibodies. Our major technologies include X-ray and neutron solution scattering and analytical ultracentrifugation. We use the X-ray ID02 and BM29 instruments at ESRF, the neutron SANS2d instrument at ISIS and the neutron instrument D22 at ILL. We run two Beckman XL-I analytical ultracentrifuges which we make available to other groups at UCL. We also possess surface plasmon resonance and dual polarization interferometry equipment, and we maintain web sites that detail mutations in the complement and coagulation proteins. We are also involved with NMR and crystallographic studies as appropriate.




PhD/Mres Opportunities in the Group

UCL Perkins Lab

We welcome inquiries from UK and Overseas students who are interested in joining us for a PhD degree course (3-4 years) or an MRes degree (one year).  Professor Perkins is occasionally able to offer studentships.  The Department also offers PhD degree programmes although awards are  competitive.  All applicants will need to complete an application form. Self-funded applicants should also consult the UCL tuition fees and funding pages.