Structural and Molecular Biology


Prof Finn Werner

Prof Finn Werner


University College London, Darwin Building
Gower Street


  • Professor of Molecular Biophysics
    Structural & Molecular Biology
    Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL


Research Themes

Important regulatory events in the cell occur at the level of transcription, which is facilitated by RNA polymerases (RNAPs). Our research focuses on the workings of the archaeal RNAP, a superb and biochemically tractable model system for eukaryotic RNAPII. We make use of a recombinant transcription system that allows us to introduce mutations, chemically reactive or fluorescent probes into the RNAP and test the resulting RNAP variants in a range of sophisticated biochemical and biophysical assays. This functional dissection strategy of RNAP illuminates the function of the RNAP and its interplay with transcription factors - ultimately explaining gene expression at the atomic level.
Award year Qualification Institution
2002 PhD
Doctor of Philosophy
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
1993 BSc
Bachelor of Science
University of Copenhagen
I received my scientific training at universities in Denmark (Copenhagen) and the United Kingdom (Imperial College London). I have carried out biochemical research at the University Hospital in Copenhagen, the Thrombosis Research Institute London, Imperial College London and University College London. I joined UCL in 2005 and have never regretted it, both the research environment, the scientific and collegial atmosphere and unrivalled by the other institutions I have worked at.


Recombinant Transcription System|*|The workings of the archaeal RNAP