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The Life Sciences Faculty Medal 2016-17 goes to…

We are very pleased to announce Yu Xuan Tan, a 3rd year BSc in Neuroscience finalist, has won the Life Sciences Faculty Medal 2016-17. Please join us in congratulating Yu Xuan, who has been an extraordinary, fantastic student year after year, on his great accomplishment.
Life Sciences Faculty Medals are awarded to students who have taken the final examination for an undergraduate degree at UCL in the year for which the awards are made, and who are reported by the Faculty to be the most distinguished of such students.

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UCL Grand Challenges grant success

Congratulations to Kimberley Whitehead, Research Associate in NPP, for her award of a £4000 UCL Grand Challenges grant. The grant is to pursue, in collaboration with Professor Matthew Beaumont, UCL Professor in English Literature and co-Director of UCL’s Urban Lab, the intersection between the neurobiology and sociology of sleep and sleeplessness.

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Dr Lorenzo Fabrizi awarded a Merit Abstract Award

Dr Lorenzo Fabrizi (UCL) and Dr Tomoki Arichi (KCL) have been awarded a Merit Abstract Award from the Organization for Human Brain Mapping at their annual meeting for their study of spontaneous neuronal activity in prematurity using simultaneous EEG and fMRI.
The Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) is the primary international organization dedicated to using neuroimaging to discover the organization of the human brain.

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Fellowships renewal success

Please join us in congratulating Professors Alex Gourine (WTSRF) and Angus Silver (WTPRF) who have been awarded their second renewal of their Wellcome Trust Fellowships.

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Dr Andrew MacAskill awarded the Wellcome-Beit Prize

Congratulations to Dr Andrew MacAskill who has been awarded the Wellcome-Beit Prize of £25,000  for his research ‘Better understanding of affective behaviour through functional dissection of ventral subicular circuitry’. This Prize is given to four outstanding scientists each year in additional recognition of their success in obtaining a Wellcome Trust Fellowship to enable them to develop into independent researchers and leaders in their chosen fields.

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RCUK CASE studentship success

We are pleased to announce Professor Josef Kittler (Astra Zeneca/ BBSRC) and Dr Martin Stocker (Canbex Therapeutics/MRC) have each been awarded a 4yr RCUK CASE studentship. 

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