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Neuroscience - Zhaoping Li

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Zhaoping Li

Department of Psychology, UCL

Computational neuroscience

I am interested in understanding computation in biological systems. The aim is to develop theories from first principles, and supplement theoretical approaches with modeling studies. The theories and the models make non-trivial predictions that can connect with existing experimental data and motivate new and feasible experimental explorations. The lab also carries out some psychophysical experiments.


Projects can be designed around the research interests of the lab. The current main topic in our lab is sensory systems, in particular, vision, olfaction, and audition. We study the problem of sensory coding, segmentation, and recognition. We also work on problems of motor control (which can couple with
robotics projects), memory, and welcome suggestions of other interesting topics. Our lab also carries out some psychophysics experiments, some of which are to test theoretical predictions and others are exploratory in nature.

Short projects (suitable short terms):

These projects can be designed around the main interests of the lab, or to suit the trainning needs of the students. Currently we have a few visual psychophysical projects, a couple of modeling projects, and a small robotics project.

More: http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/Z.Li/

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