UCL Division of Biosciences



Dr Elise Belle
Dr Sarah Browning
Dr Liz Caldwell
Dr Ben Fletcher
Dr Yuval Itan
Dr Charlotte Mulcare
Dr Chris Plaster
Dr Naser Ansari Pour
Dr Adam Powell
Dr Krishna Veeramah
AHRC Centre for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity (UCL)
The Centre for Genetic Anthropology (UCL)
Lactase persistence and the early Cultural History of Europe (LeCHE)
David Balding (UCL -> Melbourne)
Ian Barnes' Laboratory (Royal Holloway)
Briggs Buchanan (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Joachim Burger's Laboratory (Mainz)
Mark Collard (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Kevan Edinborough (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Anders Götherström's Laboratory (Uppsala)
Toomas Kivisild (Cambridge University)
Stephen Shennan (UCL)
Michael Stumpf (Imperial College)
Dallas Swallow's Laboratory (UCL)
Mike Weale (King's College London)