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The three Moffat-Naughtie interviews



Above is the interview of Alistair Moffat (managing director of BritainsDNA) on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on the 9th July 2012 by Jim Naughtie. It is also available from the BBC online.

Question: Is this the most untruths in 4 minutes of "factual" BBC programming ever?

This was not the first time that Jim Naughtie had invited his friend onto the Today programme to promote his business. Moffat appeared on Today on 2/3/11 to discuss the DNA test that he'd arranged for Naughtie through Ethnoancestry, which was later absorbed into ScotlandsDNA/BritainsDNA.  Moffat was invited back on 1/6/11 to discuss Jim Naughtie's DNA test results, and was given the opportunity to "remind" viewers of the ScotlandsDNA website.

- Alistair Moffat's interview with James Naughtie on 2nd March 2011

- Alistair Moffat's interview with James Naughtie on 1st June 2011

Other links between Moffat and Naughtie

It turns out that the two are old friends. Jim Naughtie, as Chancellor of the University of Stirling, invited Alistair Moffat to serve as Chancellor's Assessor on Stirling's University Court. In 2012, "Britain's Last Frontier" was published: Moffat was the principal author but Naughtie wrote a substantial introduction and his name was displayed prominently on the cover. The two men appeared together in promotions for their book, at book festivals and similar events.  From the publishers pre-publication promotion: "This is the record of a trip made by best-selling author Alistair Moffat and veteran journalist and broadcaster James Naughtie in which they walk the Line [across Scotland] ... "

- Publisher's pre-publication promotion

- Publisher's post-publication promotion

Below is a video of Jim Naughtie endorsing Moffat as a candidate for Rector of St Andrews, also available on YouTube