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Lauren Enright

Lauren Enright

Dynamic zoonotic disease modelling for environmental change

Current Research

Our understanding of how spillovers of zoonotic infectious diseases into the human population are impacted by climate change, anthropogenic landscape alteration and changing populations is limited. I aim to quantify this impact by combining ecological models of animal reservoir, spillover and human disease spread in a single probabilistic modelling framework. My PhD is funded through the QMEE (NERC) CDT, in collaboration with Imperial College (School of Public Health) and ZSL Institute of Zoology.


  • Professor Kate Jones (CBER, UCL)
  • Professor Christl Donnelly (School of Public Health, Imperial)



Brief CV

YearsPositionDepartmentInstitution name and location (country)
2017-presentPhD in Public HealthSchool of Public HealthImperial College London (joint with ZSL and UCL)
2013-2017MMath in MathematicsMathematicsUniversity of Oxford

Other interests

During my spare time I enjoy reading fiction, learning Spanish, and singing in choirs. In the next few years I hope to spend some time skiing, exploring more European cities, and travelling a little further afield too!