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Alison Fairbrass

My current research interest is in the areas of urban ecology, ecoacoustics, and citizen science.
In recent years I have worked on interdisciplinary research projects developing new tools and monitoring projects for wildlife at the local (Nature-Smart Cities) and national scales (British Bat Survey project). Previous to this, I spent five years as an Engineering Doctoral student in the Centre for Urban Sustainability & Resilience and CBER at UCL with Professor Helena Titheridge (research profile), Professor Kate Jones (lab website) and the Bat Conservation Trust.

I hold a Masters in Conservation Science from  Imperial College London and a BSc in Environmental Management from the University of Birmingham. I have also worked in the built environment industry with the Green Collar sustainability consultancy advising on BREEAM and ISO14001.

UCL CEGE Engineering (July 2016). Keep It Civil - Biodiversity in the City - Listen to  the Podcast on SoundCloudUCL TV (Nov 2015). Grant Museum otter: Little-known objects in UCL Museums and Collections Watch the video on UCL's YouTube Channel

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Twitter: @AlisonFairbrass
Email: alison.fairbrass.10@ucl.ac.uk