UCL Division of Biosciences



UCL Genetics Institute
UCL Genetics Institute Director: Professor Francois Balloux (research profile)
UGI Administrator: Paola Petritoli (email)

Core Members of Staff
NameContact detailsLocationResearch profile
Aida Andresa.andres@ucl.ac.uk
020 7679 7268 
Internal: 37268
Darwin 108BResearch profile
Francois Ballouxf.balloux@ucl.ac.uk
020 3108 1601
Internal: 51601
Darwin 210BResearch profile 
Dave Curtisd.curtis@ucl.ac.ukDarwin 212Research profile
Garrett Hellenthalg.hellenthal@ucl.ac.uk
020 3108 4003
Internal: 54003
Darwin 218BResearch profile
Karoline Kuchenbaeckerk.kuchenbaecker@ucl.ac.uk
020 3108 4228
Internal: 54228
Darwin 218CResearch profile
Richard Mottr.mott@ucl.ac.uk
020 3108 4005
Internal: 54005
Darwin 210AResearch profile
Maria Secrierm.secrier@ucl.ac.uk
020 7679 2190
Internal: 32190
Darwin 218AResearch profile
Mark Thomasm.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
020 7679 2286
Internal: 32286
Darwin 204BResearch profile

Associated Members of Staff
NameContact detailsProfile
Professor Jürg Bähler
Research Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment
j.bahler@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Professor David Balding
University of Melbourne
d.balding@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Dr Julie Bertrand
Infection, Antimicrobials, Modelling, Evolution Research Center
j.bertrand@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Dr Valentina Cipriani
William Harvey Research Centre, Clinical Pharmacology, Queen Mary University
Professor Aroon Hingorani
Institute of Cardiovascular Science
a.hingorani@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile 
Professor Nick Luscombe
The Francis Crick Institute
nicholas.luscombe@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Dr Vincent Plagnol
Genomics plc 
Dr Doug Speed
Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark
doug.speed@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile
Professor Nick Wood
Institute of Neurology
n.wood@ucl.ac.ukResearch profile

Past Members of Staff
Steve Humphries