Genetics, Evolution and Environment



Academic Statt May 2015

Academic Staff

Below is a list of academic staff in GEE. To email us, please add @ucl.ac.uk to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension (last 4 digits). To call staff in the Medawar, dial (0)20-3108, followed by the extension.

Member of staff with web link & title email (@ucl.ac.uk) Phone  Bldg/Rm
Prof Andrew Pomiankowski
Professor of Genetics, Head of Department, Research Strategy Director of CoMPLEX
 ucbhpom (3)7697 D 111B
Dr Nazif Alic
Biosciences Fellowship
 n.alic  (3)2219 D 328
Professor Jürg Bähler
Chair in Molecular Systems Biology
 j.bahler (5)1602 
D 329
Professor David Balding
UGI Chair in Statistical Genetics
 d.balding (5)4005
D 210A
Professor Francois Balloux
UGI Chair in Computational Systems Biology
D 110
Professor Tim Blackburn
Professor of Invasion Biology, GEE and Zoological Society of London
(5)7694 ME 2nd Floor
Professor Helen Chatterjee
Professor in Biology and Deputy Director, UCL Museums and Collections
 h.chatterjee (5)4104
D 507B
Dr Ben Collen
Reader in Biodiversity
 b.collen  (5)7695 ME 2nd Floor
Dr Julia Day
Senior Lecturer
 j.day (3)0159 D 216
Dr Christophe Dessimoz
Reader in Bioinformatics (Joint with Computer Sciences)
 c.dessimoz  (3)0079  D 631
Dr Lazaros Foukas
 l.foukas (5)1612
D 118A
Professor Kevin Fowler
Professor of Evolutionary Biology
 k.fowler (3)2279  D 204A
Professor David Gems
Professor of Biogerontology
 david.gems (3)4381
D 324
Professor Anjali Goswami
Professor in Palaeobiology (Joint with Earth Sciences)
 a.goswami (3)2190 D 218A
Dr Duncan Greig
Reader in Genetics
 d.greig (3)7107
D 118B
Dr Garrett Hellenthal
Sir Henry Dale Fellow
 g.hellenthal (5)4003
D 218B
Dr Jan Janouskovec
UCL Excellence Research Fellow
 j.janouskovec (3)2681
D 507E
Professor Kate Jones
Chair of Ecology and Biodiversity
(5)7693 ME 2nd Floor
Professor Steve Jones FRS
Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics
 j.s.jones (5)4095
D 510
Dr Johnathan Labbadia
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
 j.labbadia (3)4393
D 326
Dr Nick Lane
Reader in Evolutionary Biochemistry
 nick.lane  (3)1385 D 610
Professor Nicholas Luscombe
Chair in Computational Biology
  D 210B
Professor Georgina Mace DBE FRS
Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems

ME 2nd Floor
Dr Nikolas Maniatis
Senior Lecturer
n.maniatis  (3)3360 ME E2
Professor Judith Mank
Chair of Evolutionary and Comparative Biology
 D 204A
Professor Sara Mole
Professor of Molecular Cell Biology, LMCB and Molecular Medicine Unit, Institute of Child Health
 s.mole (3)7257 LMCB
Professor Richard Mott
Weldon  Professor of Computational and Statistical Genetics
 r.mott  (5)4005  D 210A
Dr David Murrell
Senior Lecturer
 d.murrell (5)7696 ME 2nd Floor
Dr Tim Newbold
Royal Society University Research Fellow
 t.newbold (5)7569
ME 2nd Floor
Dr Paola Oliveri
Senior Lecturer
 p.oliveri (3)3719
 D 426
Professor Linda Partridge, FRS, FMedSci, DBE
Professorial Research Fellow
 l.partridge (3)4380
D 323
Dr Richard Pearson
Reader of Biodiversity
 richard.pearson  (5)7697  ME 2nd Floor
Dr Vincent Plagnol
UGI Reader in Statistical Genetics
 v.plagnol (5)4002
D 210B
Professor Sue Povey, MD, FMedSci
Emeritus Professor
 s.povey (3)2174 D 218
Dr Max Reuter
Reader in Evolutionary Genetics
 m.reuter (3)2201  D 116
Dr Hazel Smith
Faculty Tutor, Life Sciences
 hazel.smith (4)0882 HS214
Dr Alex Stewart
Royal Society University Research Fellow
D 108A
Dr Seirian Sumner
Reader in Behavioural Ecology

(5)7851 ME 2nd Floor
Professor Dallas Swallow
Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics
 d.swallow (3)7320  D 108
Professor Max Telford
Professor of Zoology
 m.telford (3)2554 D 436
Professor Mark Thomas
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics
 m.thomas  (3)2286 D 204B
Professor Nicholas Wood
Galton Professor of Genetics
Dr Piero Visconti
UCL / Zoological Society of London Springboard Fellow
 p.visconti   ME 2nd floor
Professor Ziheng Yang, FRS
R.A. Fisher Chair of Statistical Genetics
 z.yang (3)4379 D 433
Teaching Fellows
Dr Sayeda Abu-Amero
Senior Teaching Fellow
 s.abu-amero  (3)3561 
D 107
Dr Lawrence Bellamy
Biosciences Teaching Fellow
l.bellamy (3)7730
D 105
Dr Joan Doidy
Teaching Fellow
 ME E1
Dr Elvira Mambetisaeva
Teaching Fellow
D 107

D = Darwin Building
CBER = Centre for Biodiversity & Environment Research
ME = Medawar
HS = 74 Huntley Street


Below is a list of Emeritus staff in GEE. To email, please add @ucl.ac.uk to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension.

Member of Staff email (@ucl.ac.uk) Phone Bldg/Rm
Professor R J (Sam) Berry
Emeritus Professor of Genetics
Professor Chris Danpure
Emeritus Professor
 c.danpure  (3)7936   LMCB
Professor Jim Mallet
Emeritus Professor of Biological Diversity
Professor Ursula Mittwoch
Emeritus Professorof Genetics
Dr John Pearson john.pearson63@btinternet.com
Mr Terry Preston
Professor Richard Strange
Emeritus Professor 
Professor Roger Wotton
Emeritus Professor of Biology

Affiliate & Honorary

To email, please add @ucl.ac.uk to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension.

Member of staff with web link & title email (@ucl.ac.uk) Phone Bldg/Rm
Professor John Allen
Honorary Professor
 ucbtfal   D 108
Dr Chris Barnes (CDB)
Reader in Systems and Synthetic Biology
 christopher.barnes  (3)7712  
Dr Louise Cramer (LMCB)
Senior Research Fellow
l.cramer  (3)7260  LMCB
Professor David Curtis
Honorary Professor
  D 212
Professor Susan Evans (CDB)
Professor of Vertebrate Morphology and Palaeontology
 (3)9966  A
Professor Richard Goldstein
(Infection & Immunity)
Chair of Pathogen Evolution
020 3108 2206
Professor William (Bill) James
Professor Gudrun Moore (ICH)
Professor of Clinical and Molecular Genetics
020 7905 2871
Professor Chris Kay (SMB)
Professor of EPR Spectroscopy
c.kay  (3)7312  D
Professor Saul Purton (SMB)
Reader in Molecular Phycology
s.purton  (3)2675  D
Professor Peter Rich (SMB)
Professor of Bioenergetics
p.rich  (3)7746  D
Professor Bill Richardson (WIBR)
Professor of Biology
w.richardson  (4)6729  C3.4.05
Dr Joanne Santini (SMB)
Reader in Microbiology
j.santini  (3)0629  D & Birkbeck
Professor Andres Ruiz-Linares
Honorary Professor
Professor Astrid Wingler
Honorary Professor
Dr Yoshiyuki Yamamoto (CDB)
Senior Lecturer



A = Anatomy Building
C = Cruciform Building
D = Darwin Building
ME = Medawar
SMB = Department for Structural & Molecular Biology
CDB = Department for Cell & Developmental Biology
ICH = Institute of Child Health

LMCB = Laboratory for Molecular and Cell Biology

Professional Services Support

Below is a list of support staff in, or associated with, GEE. To email, please add @ucl.ac.uk to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension. 

A = Anatomy Building
C= Cruciform Building
D = Darwin Building
ME = Medawar
MS = Medical Sciences

Member of staff & title e-mail (@ucl.ac.uk) Phone  Bldg/Rm
Fiona Williamson
Executive Officer to the Head of Department, GEE
 D 111


D 210
James Michaels
Operations Officer and DSO
D G24
Tamsin Piper
Operations Officer, Area Safety Officer
t.piper (6)5453 A G02
Michael Wright
Executive Officer, Prof Linda Partridge, IHA 
 ucbhlof (3)4380  D 322
Rob Williams
Senior Finance Officer
ucbtrwi (6)5709 MS 127

Research & Technical Support

 Below is a list of Research and Technical Support staff in GEE.  To email, please add @ucl.ac.uk to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension. 

Member of staff e-mail (@ucl.ac.uk) Phone  Bldg/Rm
 Alex Carver
Wendy Hart (maternity leave)
ucbtwfl   D 218
Farrell Mackenzie
 farrell.mackenzie   D 218
Henry Ferguson-Gow
 h.ferguson-gow   ME 2nd Floor
Rebecca Finlay
r.finlay  (3)2654  D G26
Arj Rajasingam
Fraser Simpson f.simpson (3)2356 D 436