Institute of Healthy Ageing



Institute of Healthy Ageing Director: Professor Dame Linda Partridge
Deputy Director: Professor David Gems
Executive Officer: Michael Wright

Staff Member Field of Expertise
UCL Research Department
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Dr Nazif Alic
Lecturer in Biology of Ageing
Transcription and lifespan in Drosophila Genetics, Evolution and Environment
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Professor Jürg Bähler
Professor of Systems Biology
Global gene expression programs in fission yeast Genetics, Evolution and Environment
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Professor Frances A Edwards
Professor of Neurodegeneration
Neuronal ageing and Alzheimer’s disease Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology
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Dr Lazaros Foukas
Signalling mechanisms in mammalian ageing Genetics, Evolution and Environment
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Professor David Gems
Professor in the Biology of Ageing
Biology of ageing in C. elegans Genetics, Evolution and Environment
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Dr Kerri Kinghorn
UCL Excellence Research Fellow
  Genetics, Evolution and Environment k.kinghorn@ucl.ac.uk
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Dr John Labbadia
BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Stress responses and protein homeostasis Genetics, Evolution and Environment
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Professor Linda Partridge
Weldon Professor of Biometry
Biology of ageing in Drosophila melanogaster Genetics, Evolution and Environment
Executive Officer: Michael Wright
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 Associates of the IHA

Staff Member Field of Expertise UCL Research Department Email Research Profile
Professor Arne Akbar
Professor of Immunology
Ageing and immunity in humans
Immunology and Molecular Pathology
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Dr Ivana Bjedov
Senior Research Fellow
Molecular biology of cancer
Cancer Institute
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Professor Tim Cowen
Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology of Ageing
Ageing of mammalian neurones
Anatomy and Developmental Biology
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Professor Glen Jeffery
Professor of Neuroscience
Retinal structure, development and visual areas of the brain. Comparative evolution of the brain.
Institute of Ophthalmology
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Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker
Associate Professor
Cancer Genetics and Statistical Analysis Division of Psychiatry k.kuchenbaecker@ucl.ac.uk Research profile
Professor Dominic Withers
Clinical Chair in Diabetes & Endocrinology
Genetics of murine energy homeostasis and ageing
Imperial College London
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Professor Nicholas Wood
Professor of Clinical Neurogenetics
Genetics of Parkinson's and neurodegenerative disease Institute of Neurology n.wood@ion.ucl.ac.uk Research profile