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Head of Research Department: Professor Barbara Conradt
Executive Officer: Marilyn Bryan

Academic Staff

Academic Research Staff in CDB and associated departments and centres

Staff MemberEmailResearch Interests
Dr Marc Amoyel
Senior Research Fellow
marc.amoyel@ucl.ac.ukMechanisms that maintain adult stem cell homeostasis and how stem cells compete for space at the niche.
Professor Tim R Arnett
Professor of Mineralised Tissue Biology
t.arnett@ucl.ac.uk'Fundamental' regulators of the function of osteoclasts (bone destroying cells) and osteoblasts (bone forming cells).
Dr Gerold Baier
Senior Research Associate
g.baier@ucl.ac.ukDynamics of Disease, especially pathological brain rhythms in humans.
Dr Chris Barnes
Reader in Systems and Synthetic Biology
christopher.barnes@ucl.ac.ukModelling mutational processes in the genome/
Reverse engineering of signalling systems/
Design of synthetic biological systems for therapeutic applications.
Dr Arantza Barrios
a.barrios@ucl.ac.ukMolecular and cellular mechanisms of decision-making circuits in C. elegans.
Dr Caswell Barry
Principal Research Associate
caswell.barry@ucl.ac.ukWhy do place cells respond where and when they do? What factors contribute to a notion of context? What can architecture of the hippocampus tell us about its function?
Dr Guillaume Charras
Professor in Cell and Tissue Biophysics
g.charras@ucl.ac.ukBiophysics of living cells both at the single cell and tissue level.
Dr Jonathan Chubb
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
j.chubb@ucl.ac.ukImaging transcriptional dynamics.
Professor Barbara Conradt
Head of Department
Professor Leslie Dale
Professor of Developmental Biology
l.dale@ucl.ac.ukHow the embryo of the frog Xenopus laevis develops from a fertilized egg into a swimming tadpole.
Professor Stephen W Davies
Professorial Teaching Fellow
s.w.davies@ucl.ac.ukUltrastructural and molecular organisation of the neuronal nucleus.
Professor M Christopher Dean
Professorial Research Associate
chris.dean@ucl.ac.ukEvolutionary anatomy of primate tooth tissues: Where, when and why modern humans evolved an extended ~20 year period of growth and development.
Professor Michael Duchen
Professor of Physiology
m.duchen@ucl.ac.ukMitochondrial biology in health and disease; mitochondrial pathways as therapeutic targets in neurodegenerative diseases and in ischaemic injury.
Professor Susan E Evans
Professor of Vertebrate Morphology and Palaeontology
s.e.evans@ucl.ac.ukEvolution of key morphological features in reptiles and amphibians.
Dr Ryan Felice
Lecturer in Human Anatomy
Dr Vil Fernandes
Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow
Dr Anna Franz
Sir Henry Dale 
Research Fellow
a.franz@ucl.ac.ukFunctional genetics and model systems.
Dr Sandrine Geranton
sandrine.geranton@ucl.ac.ukEpigenetic regulation of chronic pain states.
Dr Alice Giustacchini
UCL Excellence Fellow
a.giustacchini@ucl.ac.ukStem cells heterogeneity in normal and malignant hematopoiesis
Professor Stephen P Hunt
Professor of Molecular Neurobiology
hunt@ucl.ac.ukMolecular Neuroscience of Pain, Addiction and Affective Disorders.
Dr Ricardo Henriques
Senior Lecturer: Advanced Imaging and Super- Resolution Microscopy
r.henriques@ucl.ac.ukExperimental technology to study biological processes that fall outside of the resolving power of conventional cell biology studies.
Professor David Ish-Horowicz
Professorial Research Associate
Professor Kristjan R Jessen
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
k.jessen@ucl.ac.ukSchwann cell biology, in particular the role of Schwann cells in nerve disease, injury and regeneration.
Professor Roberto Mayor
Professor of Developmental & Cellular Neurobiology
r.mayor@ucl.ac.ukThe mechanism that underlies the development of the Neural Crest.
Professor Rhona Mirsky
Principle Research Associate
r.mirsky@ucl.ac.ukSchwann cell biology, in particular the role of Schwann cells in nerve disease, injury and regeneration.
Professor John M O'Keefe
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
j.okeefe@ucl.ac.ukSpace and memory.
Professor John G Parnavelas
Professorial Research Associate
Emeritus Professor of Neuroanatomy
j.parnavelas@ucl.ac.ukCortical Interneuron Migration.
Professor Sandip Patel
Professor in Cell Signalling
patel.s@ucl.ac.ukCa2+ signalling through acidic organelles.
Dr Richard Poole
Principal Research Associate
r.poole@ucl.ac.ukRegulatory logic of early neural specification and left-right asymmetric neurogenesis in C. elegans.
Dr Laura Porro
Lecturer in Topographical Anatomy
l.porro@ucl.ac.ukAnatomy and biomechanics of living and fossil animals.
Professor Stephen R Price
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
stephen.price@ucl.ac.ukHow specificity is imparted to the formation of neuronal assemblies in the developing central nervous system.
Dr Sabine Reichert
Sir Henry Wellcome Post Doctoral Fellow
sabine.reichert.09@ucl.ac.ukSleep homeostasis.
Dr Jason Rihel
Reader in Behavioral Genetics
Rihel lab website
j.rihel@ucl.ac.ukGenes and neuronal circuits that regulate sleep in zebrafish.
Professor Patricia C Salinas
Professor of Cellular Neurobiology
p.salinas@ucl.ac.ukMolecular mechanisms that regulate synapse formation, maintenance and function in the vertebrate nervous system.
Professor Claudio D Stern
J Z Young Chair of Anatomy
c.stern@ucl.ac.ukCell diversity and pattern in the early embryo.
Professor Gyorgy Szabadkai
Professor of Physiology
g.szabadkai@ucl.ac.ukMitochondria in cellular stress responses in major pathologies such as neurodegenerative disease and cancer.
Dr Masa Tada
Reader in Developmental and Cellular Biology
m.tada@ucl.ac.ukCellular and molecular mechanisms underlying co-ordinated and directed cell movements.
Dr Francesco Saverio Tedesco
Principal Research Associate
f.s.tedesco@ucl.ac.ukStem cells and tissue repair.
Professor Geraint Thomas
Professor of Biochemistry
g.thomas@ucl.ac.ukBiochemical and molecular biological approaches to cell biology /cancer diagnostics through Raman microscopic/spectrscopic chemical imaging of tissues and subsequent computational analysis.
Professor David Whitmore
Professor of Chronobiology
d.whitmore@ucl.ac.ukCircadian clocks.
Dr Thomas Wills
Lecturer in the Development of Learning and Memory Processes
t.wills@ucl.ac.ukHippocampus and Spatial Maps.
Professor Stephen W Wilson
Professor of Developmental Biology
s.wilson@ucl.ac.ukZebrafish: the mechanisms that underlie patterning of the vertebrate forebrain.
Dr Hasan Yardimici
Principal Research Associate
Dr Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
Senior Lecturer
yoshiyuki.yamamoto@ucl.ac.ukMolecular mechanisms underlying the generation of morphological novelties during evolution.
Professor Semir Zeki
Professor of Neuroaesthetics
s.zeki@ucl.ac.ukHow the visual brain is organised.
Teaching Fellows
Staff MemberEmailResearch Interests
Dr Greg Campbell
Principal Teaching Fellow
Dr Jeremy E Cook
Principal Teaching Fellow
Professor Stephen W Davies
Principal Teaching Fellow
s.w.davies@ucl.ac.ukUltrastructural and molecular organisation of the neuronal nucleus.
Dr Philip Lewis
Teaching Fellow
philip.lewis@ucl.ac.uke-Learning and its application in teaching interdisciplinary skills to biology researchers.

Dr Sandra Martelli
Senior Teaching Fellow

s.martelli@ucl.ac.ukThe postnatal ontogeny of evolutionary focused areas of human and hominoid anatomy (vertebral column and thorax and pharynx complex and the cranial base) – comparative and evolutionary approaches.
Affiliate Staff
Staff MemberEmailResearch Interests
Dr Joerg Albert
Affiliated Reader in Sensory Neuroscience
joerg.albert@ucl.ac.ukAntennal ears of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.
Dr Siew-Lan Ang
Honorary Reader
Dr Benjamin (Buzz) Baum
Reader in Developmental & Cancer Cell Biology
b.baum@ucl.ac.ukBiophysics of cell division and cancer cell division.
Dr James Briscoe
Honorary Professor
Dr Paul Burgoyne
Honorary Reader
Dr Kara Cerveny
Honorary Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Gale
Reader in Auditory Cell Biology    
j.e.gale@ucl.ac.ukRepair and regeneration of the inner ear.
Dr Alexander Gould
Honorary Professor of UCL
agould@nimr.mrc.ac.ukPhysiology and Metabolism.
Dr Anjali Goswami
Lecturer in Palaeobiology
a.goswami@ucl.ac.ukVertebrate Palaeobiology, Evolution and Development.
Dr Francois Guillemot
Honorary Reader
Professor Maria Fitzgerald
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
m.fitzgerald@ucl.ac.ukPain mechanisms in neonates.
Dr Monica Folgueira
Honorary Lecturer
Dr Nicoletta Kessaris
Group Leader, MRC New Investigator
Professor Alison Lloyd
Professor of Cell Biology
Dr Robin Lovell-Badge
Honorary Professor
Professor Mark Marsh
Director LMCB
Dr Timothy Mohun
Honorary Professor
Dr Paola Oliveri
Senior Lecturer
p.oliveri@ucl.ac.ukAnimal Evolutionary biology.
Dr Isabel Orriss
Career Development Fellow
i.orriss@ucl.ac.ukBone growth and turnover result from the co-ordinated activities of osteoblasts (bone forming cells) and osteoclasts (bone destroying cells).
Emeritus Staff
Staff MemberEmailResearch Interests
Professor Patrick N Anderson
Emeritus Professor
Principal Teaching Fellow
p.anderson@ucl.ac.ukRegeneration in the injured mammalian brain and spinal cord.
Professor Ruth Bellairs
Emeritus Professor of Embryology
Professor Geoff Burnstock
Emeritus Professor of Anatomy
g.burnstock.ucl.ac.ukPurinergic signalling.
Professor Giorgio Gabella
Emeritus Professor of Histology and Cytology
Professor A Robert Lieberman
Emeritus Professor
Professor Martin Raff
Emeritus Professor of Biology
m.raff@ucl.ac.ukNeurodevelopment and autism spectrum disorders.
Dr John Scholes
Honorary Lecturer
Professor Gerta Vrbová
Emeritus Professor of Developmental Neuroscience
Professor Lewis Wolpert
Emeritus Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine
Technical Staff
Staff MemberLocationEmail
Dr Bill AndrewsAnatomy/Rockefellerw.andrews@ucl.ac.uk 
Doreen Bailey doreen.bailey@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Anukampa Barth a.barth@ucl.ac.uk
Paul BarwoodAnatomyp.barwood@ucl.ac.uk
Wendy BirchRockefellerw.birch@ucl.ac.uk
Heather CallawayAnatomyh.callaway@ucl.ac.uk
Daniel CiantarRockefellerd.ciantar@ucl.ac.uk
Laurence ClarkeRockefellerlaurence.clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Nidia De Oliveira n.oliveira@ucl.ac.uk
Karen DunfordAnatomyk.dunford@ucl.ac.uk
David Elliott d.elliot@ucl.ac.uk
Sumi Lim sumi.lim@ucl.ac.uk
Stuart MartinHuxleystuart.martin@ucl.ac.uk
Oakley Morgan oakley.morgan.12@ucl.ac.uk
Klaire Neale k.neale@ucl.ac.uk
Jane PendjikyRockefellera.pendjiky@ucl.ac.uk
Marina PodpolnyLMCBm.teter@ucl.ac.uk
Saman RanasingheMedical Sciencessam.ranasinghe@ucl.ac.uk
Tim RobsonRockefellert.robson@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Christopher ThrasivoulouRockefellerc.thrasivoulou@ucl.ac.uk
Lisa TuckerWolfson Houselisa.tucker@ucl.ac.uk
Mark TurmaineAnatomym.turmaine@ucl.ac.uk
Matthew WicksAnatomym.wicks@ucl.ac.uk
Carole WilsonAnatomycarole.wilson@ucl.ac.uk