IBSc Physiology (UCL Medical Students Only)



Physiology is essential to understand how we survive and adapt to a vast array of different conditions and environments. Pregnancy, high altitude, deep sea diving, trekking across a desert, exercise or even making the transition from life in the womb to life outside all require major changes to our physiological state. Medicine requires an in depth understanding of physiology to understand the causes and effects of different disease processes.

The Physiology IBSc Programme is designed to provide a strong basic training in the cellular and systems physiology. Teaching is research-led and students will supplement their studies by reading original research papers and reviews published in the scientific literature. All students must undertake a laboratory or library research project in physiology.

What You Will Study

 Core Module:

  • PHOL3902 Library Project in Physiology


  • PHOL3904 Laboratory Research Project in Physiology

Further project information can be found on the project page.

Plus a choice of optional modules from a wide range, such as:

Further Information

For further information on how to apply, please see the Medical School Application page

For further information on the programme please contact:

Interim IBSc Physiology Tutor: Dr Talvinder Sihra, Email: t.sihra@ucl.ac.uk, Tel: +44 20 7679 3296

IBSc Physiology Administrator: Anushka Magan, Email: a.magan@ucl.ac.uk, Tel: +44(0)203 108 1034