Domain Chair:

Prof. Trevor Smart

Domain Coordinator:

Dr Matt Wakelin

Communication and Events Officer:

Rachel Heatley


Seminars & Events

7 October, 2015Insights Into the Molecular Pathogenesis of HD and the Validation of Therapeutic Targets
7 October, 2015Peripheral Nerve Regeneration - The Science, Surgery and Experience of Regenerative Neuroscience: a UCL Special Grand Round
7 October, 2015UCL Centre for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - Monkey Connectome
8 October, 2015Progress in Rehabilitation Research: What Have We Learned From the RCT? Where to From Here?
8 October, 2015Psychodynamic Neuroscience Research Meeting: Failing Inhibition in Psychosis Shows What Repression Might be at a Brain Level: What I Learned From Hervé
8 October, 2015SLMS Introduction to Information Governance
9 October, 2015Corticocortical Interactions in Congenital Deafness
13 October, 2015International Experimental Neurology Conference
13 October, 2015UCLPartners Education Conference: Educating for Patient-Centred Care
14 October, 2015IoN Post-doc Society Special Rugby Symposium: Is Concussion Linked to Dementia?
14 October, 2015New Insights in the Pathogenesis of Prions in Cultured Cells - CANCELLED
14 October, 2015UCL Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (III) Symposium 2015
15 October, 2015Translational neuroscience from animals to humans: developing new treatments for MS and beyond
19 October, 2015Fifty Years Without Free Will: Upending the Neuroscience of Volition and Starting Over Again
19 October, 2015Muscle Homeostasis
21 October, 20156th Discovering Start-Ups Competition
21 October, 2015Developmental Neurosciences Seminar Series
23 October, 2015Brain Meeting - Title TBC
26 October, 2015A Core Brain System in Assembly of Cognitive Episodes
28 October, 2015Exploring Individual Differences in Dementia and Cognitive Abilities in Down Syndrome
29 October, 2015Pathogenic insights into MS demyelination and neurodegeneration and its reflection in autoimmune models and MRI
29 October, 2015What Can Charitable Services Offer Our Patients? How Can We Help to Promote Their Services Within the NHS?
30 October, 2015Brain Meeting - Title TBC
30 October, 2015High Dendritic of Ih in the Proximity of the Axon Origin Controls the Integrative Properties of Nigral Dopamine Neurones
30 October, 2015Memory Matters: The Art and Science of the Brain
2 November, 2015A Neural Mechanism for Subjectivity Based on Brain-Viscera Interactions
3 November, 2015Analysis of Signalling Endosome Composition and Dynamics Using SILAC in Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Motor Neurons
5 November, 2015Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Seminar: Deciphering the Genetic Bases of Disease: the Role of the Mouse
6 November, 2015Brain Meeting - Title TBC
9 November, 2015Bullying Experience and Effects: UK Evidence
9 November, 2015Innovate 2015: The Global Spotlight on UK Innovation
9 November, 2015The Neural Mechanisms of Empathy - From Shared Activations to Shared Representations
10 November, 2015Timing and Tracking ALS: a Biomarkers Perspective
11 November, 2015Baseline Brain Activity in Down Syndrome
11 November, 2015Outcomes From Chromosomal Microarray Testing in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry
12 November, 2015CNR@UCLP Seminar Series 2015: Title TBC
13 November, 2015Brain Meeting - a Re-Assessment of the Hierarchical and Parallel Strategies Used by the Visual Brain
13 November, 2015Developmental Neurosciences Translational Symposium
13 November, 2015Rehabilitation and Progressive Neurological Conditions – What the Future Holds
16 November, 2015Axonal Signalling Endosomes: Trafficking Sorting and Disease
16 November, 2015Facing the Gaze of Others: Brain Dynamics of Gaze and Social Contact Perception
19 November, 2015Circuit Formation and Function in the Olfactory System
19 November, 2015Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Seminar: Development and Homeostasis of the Enteric Nervous System
20 November, 2015Brain Meeting - Title TBC
23 November, 2015UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Monday Seminar Programme: Title TBC
25 November, 2015Fore and Aft: Trans-Synaptic Degeneration in the Visual Pathway - The Swithin Meadows Lecture
25 November, 2015Improving Translational Studies Through Better Animal Experiments
25 November, 2015Is Depression Caused by a Hyperactive Habenula?
26 November, 2015Dementia Awareness Training for Dentists
27 November, 2015Brain Meeting - Title TBC
27 November, 2015Neuronal Substrates of a Division of Labor in the External Globus Pallidus
30 November, 2015CLOSER Conference: The Importance of Early Years, Childhood and Adolescence
30 November, 2015UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Monday Seminar Programme: Title TBC
1 December, 2015Autophagy in ALS
2 December, 2015Frailty Community of Practice - Transforming Services: Looking Through the Eyes of Patients and Carers
3 December, 2015Evaluating and Measuring the Impact of Involving Patients, Carers and the Public
7 December, 2015UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Monday Seminar Programme: Title TBC
9 December, 2015Mental Health Interventions in Low-and-Middle Income Countries: Can We Learn Something?
10 December, 2015Therapy for Cognitive Impairment in TBI
11 December, 2015Brain Meeting - Title TBC
11 December, 2015Infra-slow Neural and Cardiac Fluctuations Drive Behavioural Arousability From NREM Sleep in Mice
16 December, 2015Adverse Outcomes and the Effects of Maintenance Treatment in Bipolar Affective Disorder
16 December, 2015An Investigation of Psychological Flexibility at the Individual, Leadership, and Team Level in Crisis Resolution Teams
12 January, 2016The Tale of Two Motor Cortices: Do BA4a and BA4p Have Different Functions in ALS?
27 January, 2016Moral Learning and Decision-Making: Neural Mechanisms and Implications for Psychiatry
29 January, 2016UCL School of Pharmacy Seminar: TBC
9 February, 2016Shredding Light on Dynein-Based Cargo Transport In Vitro and In Vivo
12 February, 2016UCL School of Pharmacy Seminar: TBC
15 March, 2016Miro Mitochondrial GTPases in Neuronal Development, Maintenance and Death
17 March, 2016UCLPartners Introduction to Quality Improvement
30 March, 2016Neurology 2016: Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician - Pre-Course Symposium
31 March, 2016Neurology 2016: Leading Edge Neurology for the Practising Clinician
3 May, 2016Update in Neuromuscular Disorders
27 May, 2016Queen Square Symposium 2016
22 June, 2016UCLPartners Introduction to Quality Improvement
20 October, 2016Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Seminar: Intrinsic Optical Changes in Mammalian Nerve Terminals (and Dense Core Vesicles as Calcium Amplifiers)