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UCL is leading the AHRC/MRC/NERC Mobilizing Cultural and Natural Assets to Combat Health Inequalities programme hosted by the National Centre for Creative Health (NCCH). Prof Helen Chatterjee and Dr Linda Thomson are working closely with the NCCH and other key partners, including the National Academy for Social Prescribing and NHS England’s Personalised Care Group, to draw together evidence and learning from Phase 1 of the programme which funded 12 AHRC/MRC/NERC Mobilizing Assets Pilot Projects. Phase 2 of the programme is a consortia-building phase that will facilitate cross-partner collaboration, incorporating relevant non-academic partners including community groups and health system organisations. Phase 3, the final phase of the programme, will be announced this year. The research aims to support the levelling up agenda and offer new insights into ensuring that community assets are revalued and better integrated into UK health systems.


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