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Cell Biology MSci

The MSci in Cell Biology provides students with an extensive laboratory research experience in Cell Biology (Molecular or Developmental).

This programme is principally designed for students who intend to pursue a PhD after they graduate.

Transfer to the MSci in Cell Biology is possible for students on any degree programme who have a background in Cell Biology, having taken modules such as CELL2008. It is particularly suited to BSc Biomedical Sciences students on streams three or five.


In year three students will take a 1.0cu library project (CELL3904) and pursue advanced modules in Cell and/or Developmental Biology, such as CELL3001, CELL3002, CELL3003/5, CELL3007, CELL3030, CELL3050, CELL3105, and PHOL3004.
In year four students will take 3.0cu extended laboratory research project (ANAT3903), to run in terms one, two and half of term three.

0.5cu 'CELLM102 - Research Techniques in Cell Biology' to run in term one.

0.5cu Masters level taught module relevant to the students' laboratory project.

There are two streams within the MSci Cell Biology:

Molecular Cell Biology - Laboratory research project carried out in the LMCB. Stream tutor - Dr Julie A Pitcher.

Developmental Cell Biology - Laboratory research project performed in the Division of Biosciences (principally CDB). Stream tutor - Professor Les Dale.


Extended Research Projects will be assessed by:

  • A short grant proposal to be submitted at the end of term one to include Title, Abstract, Aims of the project, Preliminary Results and Plan of Future Experiments (25%).
  • Conference Presentation (20mins). PhD/MSci student conference to be held at the end of term 2. Presentation marked by a committee of PhD students (20%).
  • Laboratory Meeting. A presentation at the host laboratory's lab meeting. Assessed by the laboratory supervisor (10%).
  • Research Paper - submitted mid-term 3. Write-up of laboratory project in the form of a 'Cell' paper (45%).
  • 0.5cu 'CELLM102 - Research Techniques in Cell Biology' module assessed by two coursework elements.


To be eligible for the MSci Cell Biology, students must have a good background in Cell Biology (e.g. completed stream three or five of the second year of the Biomedical Sciences BSc) and have achieved a minimum pass mark of 60% in both their first and second year exams.

Application Procedure

Students should decide whether they wish to apply for an MSci in Molecular (Dr Julie Pitcher, LMCB) or Developmental (Prof Les Dale, CDB) Cell Biology and then approach the appropriate tutor for discussions before the end of March in their second year.

If a student decides to apply transfer forms must be submitted before the end of March year two. Transfer will be approved following the release of the second year exam results.

The third year of the BSc and MSci year will then be performed under the supervision of the appropriate MSci Tutor.


For information on entry requirements, fees, how to apply and much more visit the BSc Biomedical Sciences Prospectus Page.

BSc Biomedical Sciences Prospectus Page