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Smart detectors to monitor urban bat life

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The activity of urban bats in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London is being monitored in real-time using new, automated smart detectors that have been developed and installed by UCL and Intel scientists in collaboration with Arup, the Bat Conservation Trust and the London Wildlife Trust.
The story is also featured on BBC News website and BBC Radio.

UCL Grand Challenges grant success

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Congratulations to Kimberley Whitehead, Research Associate in NPP, for her award of a £4000 UCL Grand Challenges grant. The grant is to pursue, in collaboration with Professor Matthew Beaumont, UCL Professor in English Literature and co-Director of UCL’s Urban Lab, the intersection between the neurobiology and sociology of sleep and sleeplessness.

Congratulations to Drs Flemming Hansen and Alan Lowe on their recent promotions

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We are very pleased to announce Drs Hansen’s and Lowe’s research work has been recognised and rewarded in the recent round of Academic promotions.

Congratulations to Dr Nick Lane for his promotion to Professor

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Dr Nick Lane

Please join us in congratulating Dr Nick Lane who has been promoted to a Professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry in the latest round of Senior Academic promotions effective from 1st October 2017.

BBSRC Responsive Mode award success

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Please join us in congratulating Max Reuter (GEE) as well as his co-PIs Jürg Bähler (GEE), Doug Speed (UGI) and Dan Jeffares (York) who have been awarded a 3-year BBSRC Responsive Mode award. The project will use yeast to look at the interaction between the genetics underlying environmental responses and the capacity to adapt to abrupt changes in growth conditions (‘evolutionary rescue’). The findings will help us to better understand the capacity of populations to deal with climate change, but also serve as a model to design optimal treatment strategies for antibiotics or pesticides.

The 2017 Ross Harrison Prize awarded to Claudio Stern

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Professor Claudio Stern

Please join us in congratulating Professor Claudio Stern who has been awarded the 2017 Ross Harrison Prize. The prize is awarded once every four
years at the ISDB Congress in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contributions to developmental biology.

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