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FLS Research Day - 17 September 2014

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Registration is now open for this year's Faculty of Life Sciences Research Day, which take place on 17 September 2014 at the UCL Institute of Child Health:

2014 Green Impact Award for Darwin Building

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Michael Arthur and Elizabeth Sutton-Klein

Congratulations Darwin Green Team on receipt of a Platinum Award presented by the UCL President & Provost Michael Arthur at the Green Impact Awards Ceremony held at the Grant Museum on the evening of Wednesday 11 June.

Judith Mank receives the ZSL Scientific Medal 2013

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Judith Mank medal

On 17 June, Prof Judith Mank, GEE Professor of Evolutionary and Comparative Biology, was presented with the ZSL Scientific Medal by the Zoological Society London at their annual awards ceremony.

Volunteering opportunities with UCL Advances

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UCL Advances has a fun and engaging volunteering opportunity for you!

Capillary pericytes regulate blood flow in the brain

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Pericytes in the retina

NPP scientists have discovered a new mechanism controlling blood flow in the brain.

Whereas it was previously thought that the brain's blood flow, and hence its energy supply, were controlled exclusively by smooth muscle around arterioles going into the brain, new research has shown that pericytes - contractile cells on pericytes (shown red in the picture below) - are in fact the main controllers of brain blood flow.

A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found

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Beer glass by Tim Dobson

A new gene mutation found for alcoholism has been discovered by UCL scientists (NPP).

We have discovered a potential cause for excessive alcohol drinking. In the brain there are neurotransmitter receptors that coordinate the activity of neurons. GABA receptors form a major class that is responsible for inhibiting neuronal activity. We found that single point mutations in one subunit of the GABA receptor (beta 1 subunit) in the nucleus accumbens, an area associated with substance abuse and reward, can cause excessive alcohol intake and an increased desire to consume more alcohol. The mutations increased the spontaneous activation of these GABA receptors in the absence of GABA and could form one explanation (of many) for alcohol abuse in humans.

Prof John O'Keefe wins Kavli Prize in Neuroscience

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Prof John O'Keefe

On 29 May, the 2014 Kavli Prize in Neuroscience was awarded to Professor John O’Keefe, Director of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at UCL and affiliated faculty member in the UCL Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology.

In2scienceUK wins UCL Social Enterprise Project of the Year 2014

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in2science video

Congratulations to in2scienceUK for winning the UCL Social Enterprise Project for the Year 2014.

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