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The National Student Survey (NSS) website is now live

3 February 2012

Dear Student,

The National Student Survey (NSS) website is now live and students may complete the survey online at  UCL is committed to acting on student responses.

The NSS provides an excellent opportunity for you to share opinions on the quality of your course and institution. The results will inform future students in choosing what and where they would like to study and the NSS data and student comments are given to UCL faculties and departments (or equivalent). 

If you are eligible, you will have been contacted by email and invited to fill in the NSS online.  Later, non-respondents will be contacted by post and by telephone. 

If you have any questions regarding the survey please go to the “FAQs” page of the   website.  Please be aware that you may opt out of the NSS at any time if you do not wish to take part.

I hope that you are able to complete the NSS at your earliest opportunity, it only takes five minutes and not only helps prospective students, but also provides valuable information to help us improve the experience of our students.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Liz Shephard

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