Green Impact Award for Biosciences (Darwin Building)

25 April 2013

We are delighted to announce that the 'Green-Darwin' Green Impact Team has won two Bronze Awards which were presented by the Provost at an Awards Ceremony held on 24 April. The team secured a Green Impact Bronze Award and Giovanna Vinti secured a Green Darwin Labs Award. The team even got mentioned in the Provost’s news letter from 29 April!

These achievements form part of the efforts of the wider UCL community in pressing forward the green agenda. Awards went to teams across UCL for work that included putting up awareness-raising notices and posters encouraging people to switch off lights and equipment when not needed, potentially saving 7,038kg CO2 per year; and likewise to print and photocopy double-sided, potentially saving 108,594kg CO2 and £40,220 on resource costs this year across the institution.

We would like to thank everyone in Darwin for their support and help in our Green Darwin Campaign which we will be continuing.

We will be planning more green initiatives from the Autumn as we aim to work towards obtaining a Green Impact Silver Award and further improving Darwin’s Green Impact. If anybody is interested in joining the Green Darwin Team then please let The Darwin Green Team know.

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L-R:  Elizabeth Sutton-Klein, Vanessa Scott, Jane Dempster, Giovanna Vinti

The Darwin Green Team currently comprises:

Antonia Ford, Claire Peart, Elizabeth Sutton-Klein, Fiona Williamson, Giovanna Vinti, Jane Dempster, Vanessa Scott.