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NPP: Student awarded Bogue Research Fellowship

24 February 2011

Marzieh Zonouzi, a postgraduate student in Prof Stuart Cull-Candy's lab in the UCL Research Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology (NPP) has been awarded a prestigious Bogue Research Fellowship.

The Fellowship allows Marzieh to work in Washington DC in the lab of Professor Vittorio Gallo. Prof. Gallo’s laboratory uses an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to study glial cells and neuronal cells that includes molecular biology and genetics, cellular neurobiology and electrophysiology. The lab's work combines experiments performed in different types of neural cell cultures with studies performed in transgenic mice in vivo.

Bogue Fellowships are provided by a substantial bequest from the late James Yule Bogue, former Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology and at one time Deputy Chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Division of ICI.

They are available to postgraduate research students (subject to approval from the funding agency) and to postdoctoral researchers (normally within 6 years of receiving a doctoral degree).

Their purpose is to support, either in full or in part, visits to carry out research in laboratories in the USA and Canada for up to 12 months, but usually for shorter periods, in order to enrich the research experience and help develop the scientific career of the Fellow.

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