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Biosciences wins three prizes in Graduate School Research Poster Competition

8 March 2011

CDB: Helen Moore in Prof David Whitmore's lab in CDB, won First Prize in the Life Sciences category of the 2011 UCL Graduate School research poster competition. Helen's poster: "Light responsiveness and circadian rhythmicity of the zebrafish brain" won a prize of £400.

SMB: Lamya Al-Haj, Department of Structural & Molecular Biology won a runner up prize of £100 for the poster entitled:"Development of advanced genetic engineering tools for Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803"

NPP: Laura Cornelissen, Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology, won a runner up prize of £100 prize for the poster entitled:"A Randomised Controlled Trial of Analgesic Efficacy in Newborn Infants Using Quantitative Neurophysiological Outcome Measures: Oral Sucrose"

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The competition offers graduate students an opportunity to meet, advertise and discuss the innovative research they are undertaking, thereby providing them with an opportunity to raise the profile of their research.

The exhibition attracted interest among academics and other graduate students. Entries were displayed in the North & South Cloisters. Overall 233 students registered for this year's competition.

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