New, giant bacterial virus found in human gut

29 January 2019

A new giant virus that infects bacteria commonly found in the human gut has been discovered by an international team led by researchers from UCL and UC Berkeley.
A study, co-authored by Professor Joanne Santini and published in Nature Microbiology, describes the discovery of Lak phage and reports that they specifically infect bacteria called Prevotella which live in all people but most notably those who have a traditional ‘hunter gatherer’ high in fibre and low in fat.

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Read full paper: Megaphages infect Prevotella and variants are widespread in gut microbiomes
Authors: Audra E. Devoto, Joanne M. Santini, Matthew R. Olm, Karthik Anantharaman, Patrick Munk, Jenny Tung, Elizabeth A. Archie, Peter J. Turnbaugh, Kimberley D. Seed, Ran Blekhman, Frank M. Aarestrup, Brian C. Thomas & Jillian F. Banfield