UGI welcomes Dr Maria Secrier

17 November 2017

Dr Maria Secrier

UCL Genetics Institute is delighted to welcome Dr Maria Secrier, the new Lecturer in Computational Biology.

“My research interests lie in understanding the evolution of genomic instability during cancer development and progression, and how this links to changes in the tumour microenvironment and impacts immune responses. I aim to address this by developing new computational methods for the identification of large-scale events contributing to genomic instability, probabilistic models that link genetic changes and immune activity, and methods for inferring the timing and genetic features of key points in cancer progression,” explained Maria.

Dr Secrier joined UGI after a brief experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having held a Senior Scientist position at AstraZeneca in Cambridge, where she was leading various immuno-oncology and early target discovery efforts. Previous to that, Maria spent some time acquiring cancer genomics expertise as a postdoc at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and the University of Cambridge.