New study co-authored by Professor Mark Thomas sheds new light on Homo sapiens evolution

12 July 2018

Biface from Blombos Cave, South Africa

The research, published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, argues that human ancestors did evolve in Africa but were scattered across continent, largely kept apart by a combination of diverse habitats and shifting environmental boundaries, such as forests and deserts.

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Authors:  Eleanor M.L. Scerri, Mark G. Thomas, Andrea Manica, Philipp Gunz, Jay T. Stock, Chris Stringer, Matt Grove, Huw S. Groucutt, Axel Timmermann, G. Philip Rightmire, Francesco d’Errico, Christian A. Tryon, Nick A. Drake, Alison S. Brooks, Robin W. Dennell, Richard Durbin, Brenna M. Henn, Julia Lee-Thorp, Peter deMenocal, Michael D. Petraglia, Jessica C. Thompson, Aylwyn Scally, Lounès Chikhi