New study co-authored by CBER’s Fiona Spooner and Richard Pearson identifies global warming rate as a critical factor behind birds and mammals population declines

25 July 2018

Black-backed jackal pups

For the study, published in Global Change Biology, 987 populations of 481 species across the globe were studied to investigate how the rate of climate change and land-use change (from natural to human-dominated landscapes) interact to affect the rate of decline on mammals and birds, as well as whether species located in protected areas and body size had an influence.
The rate at which our climate is warming was found to be the best explanation for the observed rate of population declines.

Read full article: Population declines of mammals and birds linked to rapid warming of climate
Read full paper: Rapid warming is associated with population decline among terrestrial birds and mammals globally
Authors: Fiona E. B. Spooner, Richard G. Pearson and Robin Freeman