Dr Ivan Kadurin awarded International Travel bursaries

13 September 2017

This year Dr Ivan Kadurin was awarded International Travel bursaries from both the Biophysical Society and the UCL Bogue Research Fellowship committee. 

He attended the annual biophysical meeting in New Orleans on 11th – 15th February 2017 to present his work entitled: “Investigation of the proteolytic cleavage of α2δ subunits: Molecular switch from inhibition to activation of voltage-gated calcium channels”.

The Bogue Fellowship supported his visit of two months this summer in the laboratory of Professor Riccardo Olcese at UCLA, where Ivan was trained in a highly specialized optical approach (Voltage-Clamp Fluorometry, VCF). This opened a whole new perspective on his work related to Voltage–Gated Calcium (Cav) channel protein complexes.  The visit also paved the way for a new collaboration with UCLA aimed to shed light on the physiological mechanisms of regulation of Cav channel proteins and their involvement in cardiac and neuronal disease.