UCL Science Society meeting - Professor Tarit Mukhopadhyay - 18 October 2018

Start: Oct 18, 2018 06:00 PM
End: Oct 18, 2018 08:00 PM

Title: Meeting the Global Health challenge with vaccines at 15 cents per dose
Speaker: Professor Tarit Mukhopadhyay - UCL Senior Lecturer, Department of Biochemical Engineering (research profile)
Venue: H O Schild Pharmacology LT (map)

Abstract: Vaccines are the most successful public health initiative of the 20th century. Today, vaccine supply and affordability are the two key issues that limit our ability to eradicate disease, reach immunization goals, and respond to epidemics. Many vaccines use manufacturing processes that are 50-60 years old and have resulted in supply interruptions in the UK and developing nations. This investment will create tools and novel manufacturing technologies that will modernize vaccine manufacturing processes that were established in the last century, such that these life-saving medicines are available to all, irrespective of economic circumstance.

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