CBER Research Talk - Joe Millard - 4 June 2019

Start: Jun 03, 2019 01:00 PM
End: Jun 03, 2019 02:00 PM

Joe Millard

Title: "Text-analysis reveals taxonomic and geographic disparities in animal pollination literature"
Joe Millard - PhD student
Lankester LT, Medawar Building (map)
Host: Alex Pigot (email)

Abstract: Ecological meta-analyses have significantly increased our understanding of global biodiversity decline. However, for some ecological groups incomplete and biased datasets have hindered our ability to construct robust, predictive models. One such group consists of the animal pollinators. 88% of wild and crop plant species are thought to be pollinated by animals, with an estimated annual value of $230-410 billion dollars. In this talk I'll discuss the key anthropogenic drivers of pollinator distribution and diversity, before presenting early work from my PhD applying text-analysis (entity recognition) to quantify the taxonomic and geographical distribution of the animal pollinator literature, both temporally and spatially.