CDB Seminar Series - Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga - 11 October 2018 *CANCELLED*

Start: Oct 11, 2018 01:00 PM
End: Oct 11, 2018 02:00 PM

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Title: "Sex differences in organ plasticity"
Speaker: Professor Irene Miguel-Aliaga - Professor of Genetics and Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Imperial College London (research profile)
Venue: AV Hill LT, Medical Sciences (map)
Host: Dr Arantza Barrios (email)

Abstract: Internal organs constantly exchange signals, and can respond with profound anatomical and functional transformations, even in fully developed organisms. Such organ plasticity results from a need to integrate and respond to both environmental information and internal state, and is key to maintaining homeostasis and driving adaptive changes. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms by which organs sense change and respond to it: the molecules, cellular events and physiological adaptations involved. The intestine and its neurons are a fantastic system with which to tackle these questions. Our investigations in Drosophila have uncovered functional similarities between the invertebrate and vertebrate enteric nervous systems. They have also characterized an adaptive mechanism, reminiscent of neurovascular interactions in mammals, which points to a key role for the intestinal vasculature in adaptations to malnutrition. More recently, we have begun to explore the physiological plasticity of the intestinal epithelium: an obvious cellular target of the enteric neurons.