CBER Research Talk - Rory Gibb - 19 March 2018

Start: Mar 19, 2018 01:00 PM
End: Mar 19, 2018 02:00 PM

Photograph © A. Wilkinson

Title: Understanding and predicting effects of land use on biodiversity and zoonotic disease
Speaker: Rory Gibb
Venue: G02 Watson LT, Medawar Building (map)
Abstract: Global environmental drivers such as land use, climate change and urbanisation are projected to have profound impacts on both public health and biodiversity this century. Although much attention has been paid to the predicted effects of climate change on zoonotic (animal-borne) and vector-borne diseases, the effects of land use change are much less well-studied at regional and global scales, despite its importance as a driver of landscape-scale variability in community composition, parasite transmission dynamics, and associated disease risk. Indeed, understanding such potential environmental synergies and trade-offs between zoonotic disease burden and other ecosystem outcomes such as food security and biodiversity conservation, represents a critical but under-studied dimension of planetary health. In this talk I will discuss these issues with reference to my PhD research, including a global analysis of the impacts of land use on the zoonotic potential of ecological communities, and a case study examining potential disease risk trade-offs associated with projected agricultural change and Lassa fever, an important rodent-borne zoonosis endemic to West Africa.