CBER Research Talk - Dr James Hassell - 12 July 2018

Start: Jul 12, 2018 12:00 PM
End: Jul 12, 2018 01:00 PM

Dr James Hassell: The urban wilderness: exploring habitats, hosts and their pathogens

Title: "The urban wilderness: exploring habitats, hosts and their pathogens"
Speaker: Dr James Hassell - PhD Student and Graduate Fellow, University of Liverpool (profile)
Host: Professor Kate Jones (email)
Venue: 508 LT, Roberts Building (map)
Abstract: My work aims to explore the influence of environmental change on the distributional ecology of multi-species host communities and their pathogens in an urban setting, where rapid intensification of agriculture, socioeconomic change, and ecological fragmentation brings wildlife, livestock and humans into close contact. An understanding of the association between urban drivers and epidemiological processes will help policy makers and urban developers make informed decisions that promote the health and livelihoods of people, livestock and wildlife living in urban environments.