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Andrew Pomiankowski - World Leading Biologist

Andrew Pomiankowski is a world leading researcher in biology specialising in xxx. He also runs UG teaching, CBER, does loads of amazing things and many many more including x publications, x research grantsxxxx

UCL is ranked 8th in the 2020 QS World University Rankings, while Biological Sciences was ranked 10th in the world* and Human Biological Sciences was ranked 3rd in the world and 1st in Europe* (*ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2018).

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Andrew Pomiankowsi Publications

Professor Andrew Pomiankowski has published x publications, been involved in Y publications. He is perhaps best known for his ground breaking work on XXXXXXX (link)  and YYYYYYYYY (Link). Click here to see a full list of Prof Pominakowksi's Publications (link to Iris).

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Research Summary

My research addresses questions around the origin of sexual reproduction and its consequences for eukaryotic evolution.

I use theoretical and experimental approaches to study the evolution of female mate preferences for exaggerated male sexual traits used in courtship display. The work is motivated by theory on the handicap principle (female choice of mates with higher phenotypic or genotypic quality) and Fisher’s runaway process (female choice for attractive mates). These ideas are being tested with stalk-eyed flies, and this experimental work is in turn inspiring new theory about the signaling value of sexual traits, sperm competition and fertility, male choice of mating partners, female preference and meiotic drive.

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UCL is always expanding opportunities for knowledge exchange and research impact through a variety of mechanisms including collaborations with external partners, licensing of technology and by supporting academics in the development and commercialisation of their research.

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In our diverse bioscience portfolio our research addresses all of biology from protein interactions to cell function, organism development, genetics, population studies and the environment. Computational and modelling approaches are frequently conducted alongside experimental research programmes and much of our research crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries.

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