Biological Physics


Summer Research Projects

Summer Research Programme

Every year BioP creates opportunities for undergraduate students to get hands-on experience of experimental and theoretical research. Usually between 5 and 10 projects are offered, each running for anything from 6-10 weeks. These projects cover experimental (in-house/facilities), theoretical (pen-and-paper/method development), and computational (software development/computing) activities. Able students interested in continuing with their studies and research in the field of biological physics and biologically relevant soft-matter physics at the postgraduate level are invited to apply.

Funding options and deadlines

  • IPLS Undergraduate Summer Research Studentships The IPLS is offering summer studentships to second year undergraduates interested in pursuing multidisciplinary research projects combining physics and biology. The key aims of the studentships are to give motivated undergraduates the opportunity to work on a collaborative research project, gain experience developing and writing a research proposal and presenting their research to their peers. Please could you bring this to the attention of any potential students. Closing date: Monday 19th April 2021, 9am. See website for details.
  • Nuffield Foundation While the Foundation no longer provides Undergraduate Research Bursaries, they have a list of other potential providers here: Nuffield Foundation bursaries - main page.

To proceed, investigate the research at BioP, get in touch with one of the academic staff members and agree on a project.

It is recommended that when you contact the PIs, make it clear in your e-mail that you are interested in a specific project and explain why. To put it in other words - avoid writing blanket e-mails. From previous experience, blanket e-mails have a virtually zero chance of success. Attach your CV (including a summary of relevant skills) and grades.