Biological Services


Introducing the Breeding Service at P-Block

22 February 2018

In parallel with UCL's own activity, we are intending to make the Breeding Services at the P-Block facility available to others who may have a long or short term requirement to locate their mouse breeding programmes at an alternative or additional location to their own.


P-Block is a state-of-the-art 20,000 cage capacity, self-contained, biosecure mouse breeding facility occupying 3,000m2, split across two floors. Offering IVC and Isolator mouse accommodation alongside integrated laboratories. The facility is located at Clare Hall, South Mimms, close to the A1/M25 junction.

  • Home Office approved, embracing the principles of the 3Rs and compliant for all aspects of mouse breeding, maintenance and supply
  • Managed by a team of highly skilled specialist animal technologists, veterinary staff and transgenic team
  • Rapid rederivation service enabling embryo transfer into the barrier for further in-house or onward breeding and supply
  • Health status equal to FELASA quarterly SOPF (PRIA Plus) profiling
  • Superovulation, rederivation, frozen embryo transfer, cryopreservation of sperm and embryos, and transgenic technology on site
  • Comprehensive logistics capability, enabling safe and efficient transfers throughout the UK and overseas

Anyone interested in exploring how P-Block may be of value to their organisation should, in the first instance, email Duncan Moore, Director of UCL Biological Services (d.p.moore@ucl.ac.uk).