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MBI Industrial Training

MBI are UCL-accredited short courses in bioprocessing, designed specifically for industrialists, that can be taken as stand-alone modules or combined for Certificate, Diploma or Masters qualification

The award winning Modular Training for the Bioprocess Industries (MBI) is run by the Department of Biochemical Engineering at UCL. It comprises a series of UCL-accredited short courses in bioprocessing, designed specifically for industrialists, that can be taken as stand-alone modules or can be combined for Certificate, Diploma or Masters qualification.

MBI Training programme features

  • A comprehensive programme of accredited bioprocess engineering courses of 3-4 days duration.
  • Courses aim to bridge the gap between bioscience and engineering and can lead to UCL qualifications at masters level.
  • Emphasis on teaching through interactive problem solving case studies in small classes for effective learning.
  • Expert teaching input from industrialists and regulators - over 70 experts from 50 companies helped UCL staff to deliver the courses.
  • Strong input from industry into the development of the programme and new modules via a team of industrialists who meet every 6 months.
  • Application of new skills to practical situations through activities based within the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering pilot scale process facility. 

MBI course benefits

  • Up-to-date skills and knowledge to rapidly develop validatable, efficient and robust processes.
  • A thorough knowledge of process options and engineering constraints.
  • A capacity to improve processes.
  • Updates staff in the latest technical and regulatory developments.
  • Increased flexibility, motivation, creativity and professional status for delegates.
  • Increased contact network.

MBI experience and current status

Over 1,000 modules have been sold to more than 700 individuals from 200 companies since the start of the programme in 1994.

  • 29% of the companies participating are non-UK.
  • Delegates average more than 10 years' relevant industrial experience (range from 0.5 to 30 yrs).
  • 23 delegates have now graduated from the programme with an MSc in Bioprocessing, 1 with a Diploma in Bioprocessing and 5 with a Certificate in Bioprocessing.

MBI qualifications

Modules can of course be taken on a standalone basis without any need to undertake any assessments/certification. However, through the MBI® Training Programme the following University College London qualifications can be achieved:
•    Masters in Bioprocessing: within 5 years
•    Diploma in Bioprocessing: within 5 years
•    Certificate in Bioprocessing: within 2 years

Strategic Training Packages

Customised Courses

We can create a flexible course schedule and payment plan tailored for industrial delegates.

The department of Biochemical Engineering also runs a doctorate programme for industrialists - the enhanced doctorate (EngD).

If you would like further information about the MBI Programme or other Bioprocess Leadership Activities at the Department of Biochemical Engineering, please contact mbi-training@ucl.ac.uk.