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Hub User Feasibility Studies

The window for the 2020-21 User Feasibility Studies call is now closed. We welcome expressions of interest for the 2021-22 call. Information about Key Dates will be announced in the Summer

Members of the Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub are invited to submit proposals for a feasibility study that will test or demonstrate research techniques generated by the Hub in a company or user context. These popular awards will include up to 3 months (full time equivalent) of a Hub Researcher’s time, spread over up to 12 months. Users are expected to provide industry supervision and access to required materials, equipment or data.

Research techniques might include:

  • Experimental Methods
  • Decisional Tools
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Research Approaches

The output is a short report to the Hub consortium outlining the potential of the technology or approach investigated. On the basis that confidentiality information is protected, it is understood that the User organisation will facilitate publication in an academic journal or at conferences.

Examples of User Feasibility Studies awarded include:

Examples of User Feasibility Studies
PartnersProject Title
Albumedix and University of NottinghamFormulating recombinant human albumin as a nanoparticle-scaffold and assessing the potential for drug delivery.
West Pharmaceutical and UCLComparing freeze-thaw performance of vials vs bags for the cryopreservation of T-cells.
Bioindustry Association (BIA), Oxford Biomedica and UCLEconomic analysis to investigate the consequences of switching to scalable GMP processes for viral vectors on drug development lifecycle costs.
Fuijfilm Diosynth and UCLCell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) demonstration of industrially relevant products
Ipsen and UCLTechno-economic evaluation of a cell-free synthesis system of the expression of highly potent recombinant proteins.
Trakcel and Imperial CollegeDevelopment of supply chain optimization models for autologous CAR T cells
Cancer Research UK and UCLNovel DNA manufacturing platforms for targeted therapies
Purolite and UCLBringing down Cost of Goods in MAb downstream processing

Application Process

User Feasibility Studies are awarded competitively. The application form is designed to be easy to complete, comprising just three pages for the work plan, deliverables and finances. Applications should be developed by the user organisation(s) in collaboration with the Hub Researchers. The award is a one-stage process with review of applications by the Translational & Impact Committee with ratification by the Advisory Board. The deadline for submissions is 25th February 2021, with successful proposals announced in April 2021.

To apply, please see further details in this document:

And complete the following document

Note that User Feasibility Studies are only open to members of the FTHM Hub Users Group. If you would like to join the FTHM Hub or have further questions on the application process, please contact Ella Bonnist, FTHM Project Manager; eleanor.bonnist@ucl.ac.uk