UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


The Hub Team

The Hub will address the manufacturing, business and regulatory challenges to ensure that new targeted biological medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at a cost affordable to society.

Hub Director

Hub Co-Directors 

  • Professor Suzanne Farid Professor of Bioprocess Systems Engineering & Deputy Head of Department (Education)
  • Professor Paul Dalby Professor of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology,  Deputy Head of Department (Research) & Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training

UCL Co-Investigators

Spokes Co-Investigators


Policy Advisor


  • For more information on the Hub, collaboration and how join the industrial consortium please contact:
    Dr Eleanor Bonnist, Hub Project Manager: eleanor.bonnist@ucl.ac.uk

Outreach Manager

Dr Vaughan Thomas, Tillingbourne Consulting and UCL

Hub Project Manager

Dr Eleanor Bonnist, UCL