UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Sustainable Industrial Bioprocesses and Biorefineries

Course Title BENGM022
Level Four
Credits 0.5
Course Tutors Dr Frank Baganz
Assessment Two-hour written examination (50%)
Coursework (50%)
Prerequisites This is an advanced-level course requiring students to have prior knowledge of the underlying science, engineering and plant design principles (e.g. BENG201P, 203P, 3001 or courses with similar content)


This module provides students with an understanding of the principles, technologies and design of sustainable bioprocesses and biorefineries. A biorefinery is an overall concept of a processing plant where biomass feedstocks are converted and extracted into a spectrum of valuable products (in analogy to petro-chemical refinery).

Particular themes include the use of renewable resources, process integration including energy supply and waste treatment, design, operation and control of complex plants and life cycle assessment. These will be addressed using a combination of lectures, simulation case studies and a design project. 

Learning Hours


Lectures: 36h
Case study based tutorials: 24h


  • Biorefinery concept and biomass treatment
  • Biochemical processing
  • Energy supply and waste treatment
  • Thermo-chemical processing
  • Control and operation of complex plants/biorefineries
  • Process design and Life Cycle Assessment